EDI Audit
Langton's EDI Audit is an intensive, high impact, preventative maintenance service check of your EDI environment to enhance its reliability, performance and usability.

An audit costs less than the potential business impact of one day's outage. It has delivered performance paybacks with RoI's of weeks. An audit is both insurance and tuning.

Your trading partners, document types, volumes, personnel and business requirements change over time. Your apparently stable EDI configuration is probably sub-optimal and could be at risk. The audit identifies shortcomings and actions to rectify them. The audit is then followed up to verify that the actions have taken place and have addressed the issues.

Before the audit commences, the initial scope is agreed. Audits have much in common, but there are always site-specific concerns. The audit is conducted between your EDI specialists and Operations Analysts, and Langton technical consultants. The results are presented to your specialists and management team. The follow-up is a later, scheduled review of action items, their status and their impact upon the operation. Typically, one to two Langton personnel work on-site, with your personnel, for one or two days investingating your EDI process. Off-site, the audit is Langton-internal peer-reviewed and refined.

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Change control
Dataset allocation
Inbound EDI
Outbound EDI

Trading partner setup
Test procedures
Performance reporting
Backup and restoration

Network configuration
History files
Operational controls
Bottleneck identification

We recommend audits be conducted annually, at least one quarter before your peak processing demands or any major operational change (e.g. processor, migration, data communications.) This allows for the monitoring and fine-tuning in preparation for your peak season.

Reduced risk of EDI outages. Adoption of a Best Practice. Procter & Gamble, have used the EDI Audit for the last two years and are already planning their next Audit.
Prepare for the transition from EDI over SNA to EDI over TCP-IP using Langton's new offering, E6.