W5 is Langton's communications manager for Internet access. It runs on a Windows NT/2000/2003 Server running Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). W5 enables organisations to use the Internet to connect widely-spread users to their corporate systems. Typical applications are:
  • A travel company offering a booking system to travel agents
  • an automobile company/distributor communicating with their dealers
The W5 software consists of modules to manage the session and CGI modules to communicate with each user. All modules running on the Windows Server are written in C++. Working together the modules manage a session between the user terminal and the Windows Server to minimise data volumes and optimise response.

W5 can communicate with a back-end host and to reduce heavy traffic on the network W5 only sends the application data. The finished Web pages are created by merging that data with HTML 'skeleton files' that are stored on the Windows Server.

The W5 software that runs on the Windows Server comprises a nucleus plus modules implementing the applications interface, data mapping, system management and network interfaces.