An EDI software product that allows host MVS users to connect to the Global eXchange Services' (GXS) Tradanet service to exchange info with their trading partners.

Trada-MVS sits between the products on which information such as orders and invoices are prepared, and the Tradanet Service, which actually transfers the orders and invoices to your trading partners. It treats this incoming information as data files.

Trada-MVS can be used in two ways:
  • By logging in and using the menus.
  • By preparing files of Tradanet commands which are then run as batch jobs.
The interactive facilities have the advantage that they guide the user through the Tradanet commands and parameters using menus. In addition, a connection to the service can be made at any time by entering one command.

The batch facility is useful in carrying out repetitive tasks (such as collecting orders every morning) because the same file of commands can be used each time. In addition, you can specify that the batch job should be run at a specific time, perhaps overnight, using a job scheduling system.

Trada-MVS is compatible with IBM's OS/390 & z/OS operating systems.