A fully-featured product that addresses the potential problems surrounding EDI implementation by:
  • Accepting data from any application in its original format. No changes need be made to the application; any reformating can be done by Intercept-MVS. This allows for easy and fast integration with existing applications.
  • Supporting automatic translation of documents to and from all of the most commonly used standards (including EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, ODETTE, etc)
  • Supporting connections to all the major telecommunications networks.
The main features of Intercept-MVS are:
  • The Data Mapper carries out the application-specific formatting of data to produce output in a structure suitable for input to the Intercept-MVS EDI translator for outbound documents, and converts EDI documents to application-specific format for inbound data.
  • The EDI Translator carries out the formatting of outbound documents into a structure suitable for transmission and validates it ready for sending. The Translator also carries out the de-formatting and validation of structure and content of all received EDI documents.
  • The Communications Handler manages the connections to the appropriate VAN and the transmission and receipt of data.
  • All Intercept-MVS activities are controlled by information held in a number of VSAM datasets, known as the Intercept-MVS database. The information held by this database includes:
    • Trading Partner profiles
    • Network identification information
    • Standards and document definitions
    • Versions and variants of standards
    • User-defined standards
    • User-defined look-up tables
    • Information relating to the mapping of application data to and from EDI format
    • Status information
  • CICS & TSO On-line access to the product database enables you to maintain and tailor the system to your own requirements. The facility also allows monitoring of all the data passing through the system. The tracking information can be viewed selectively (i.e. by logical group) or on an exceptions basis (i.e. interchanges in error only).
Intercept-MVS is compatible with IBM's OS/390 & z/OS operating systems.